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New Yorkers Bask in Cadillac Lifestyle

by Dorrie Sacks on June 20, 2016

For all of those that love luxury, style, and fancy cars, look no further; Cadillac New York’s headquarters has recently opened the doors of a quirky Cadillac concept center to the public.  Taking up 12,000 square feet on the ground floor of the building, this space offers all sorts of interactive activities with their customers. These activities include a coffee shop, an art gallery, and even a fashion retail pop-up shop. 

What would a Cadillac center be without its luxury style cars, however? To give New Yorkers a true Cadillac experience, the company has teamed up with names such as the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and Visionare magazine to give their fans a truly 5-star experience with rotating exhibitions of their creations. 

Luxury has always been very important to Cadillac as a brand, so this concept center wishes to enhance that message of luxury through their partnerships. “Our challenge is to make it so that someone can actually see themselves in a Cadillac. To do that, they have to find the brand relevant to their lifestyle,” says director of brand Marketing, Melody Lee. Teaming up with companies such as Visionare will allow Cadillac to show off that lifestyle by selecting, and changing around artists to share their work in what they believe the Cadillac lifestyle really looks like. To go along with the artist’s’ work, the CFDA will also be showing off and selling their fashion creations at the pop-up shop in the concept center. 

This entire event will be nothing short of a beautiful gathering of artists who wish to capture the image of luxury, contemporary style, and of Course, Cadillac. Cadillac and Visionare hope to change artist selections frequently to keep everything fresh, and with the times. A perfect opportunity for young New Yorkers to gather and enjoy life’s best art forms.

Featured Image via Wikimedia

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