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by Stephanie Valenzuela on September 15, 2016
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New York City is home to some of the most prestigious and most glamorous apartments and townhouses. Not really a city known for houses, that one most likely grew up in, it is hard to imagine a mansion sized house in the city sticking out. Well, one businessman is planning on having a Manhattan mega mansion.

Former Facebook president, Sean Parker, and also co-founder of the file-sharing computer service Napster, is the all new businessman with high expectations to have a Manhattan mega mansion. He recently bought his third adjacent townhouse on West 10th street, in one of Manhattan’s most expensive neighborhoods, Greenwich Village.

The townhouses are numbered and were on the market for $22 million. The price he paid for his third townhouse is unknown. He has owned one of the townhouses since 2010, the second since May of this year. He plans to combine all three of the townhouses to make one big mansion in the Big Apple.

It won’t be all that easy for him, as he will have to oblige with strict guidelines by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. It administers the cities Landmark preservation law. The commission does not want him to alter the facades.

He is one of just a few millionaires whom have been trying or are currently trying to make a mega mansion in New York City. The perks of having money. Just this year, Russian oligarch, and owner of the British football club, Chelsea F.C., Roman Abramovich, got the approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission to build a mega mansion in between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue. His original plan was rejected in April of 2015 and had to be revised. He has a network of  Even for the richest it’s not something money could by with the strict rules of the commission.

For some, such as former mayor Bloomberg, who is another successful billionaire, it has also not been as easy. He has had hopes of building a mega mansion in New York City since the 1980’s. He is missing one more property in order to build his mega mansion. His mansion would be on the Upper East Side on East 79th street.

So for Parker, it will be just as hard as it has been for Bloomberg, and how it was for Abramovich. It won’t be easy, and it won’t be something money can by just like that. When it comes to building a mansion in New York City, it’s the city that comes first.

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