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by Stephanie Valenzuela on July 25, 2016

By now every person in the world knows how expensive and pricey New York City has come to be. The classic tours, the endless restaurants, and the grueling transportation at times brings out the money from peoples wallet. But this Summer don’t let money be an issue! At Central Park, where it’s just a walk into the park, you can find tons of fun and exciting things to do for just zero dollars, and zero cents.

This Summer don’t let the overpriced entertainment keep you from doing nothing. For New Yorker’s and visitors there is always something happening at Central Park.

One can relax and enjoy a production from “Shakespeare in the Park” series, that bring on a memorable play free of charge. They suggest getting there early, as a line starts to form at 7 P.M. and the show starts at 8 P.M.. Shows are on everyday except Monday. Even the wait on line can be fun as people bring chairs, food, and socialize before the show. The next performance is “Troilus and Cressida”, which runs about three hours and includes a 15-minute intermission. Once in the Delacourt Theater, near 80th street and the American Museum of Natural History, one can sit where ever they feel as long as seats are available.
Another entertainment is the Belvedere castle. It is the second highest elevation in Central Park, behind Summit rock, and offers entertainment for families, such as bird watching, astronomy, storytelling and much more. There is also a panoramic view of the park and the city if one wants to go to the top of one of the two balconies and take in the views. Of course all free of charge. The castle is right next to the Delacourt theater.

Lastly, the 55-acre great lawn is a perfect place to have lunch, a coffee, a picnic, or even if one is looking to catch some sun, layout with friends and talk, read, or whatever! There is no fee for sitting and taking in the beauty of Central Park. The Great Lawn is located from 79th street to 85th street and offers breathtaking views of the skyscrapers. Not too far also lies “Strawberry Fields”, a part of Central Park dedicated to the late singer John Legend. It is home to the mosaic sign that reads “Imagine” where roses are laid daily and people can go and relax and rest in a dedicated ‘quiet area’.

So the next time you want to go take in the sights on NYC, why not give the wallet a break and head on over to Central Park and revel in all it has to offer.

Featured Image via Wikimedia

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