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New York’s Best Kept Secret, The Warren

by Michael Consoli on May 19, 2016
Dining & Wine


New York City, while no slouch in the restaurant game, has been starting to feel a little stale. Chain restaurants, gimmick of the week specialty shops, dingy holes in the wall; they have all begun running together into a thick grey soup that would be right at home on their menus. But there is a beacon of hope, a shining example of how to do a New York City restaurant: The Warren.


Located at 131 Christopher Street (conveniently near the Path Station), The Warren is sure to be a stop worth taking on an foodie’s NYC travels. Boasting Lunch, Brunch and Dinner menus, this high quality establishment could please any pallet. The standouts on the menu look to be the self-titled Warren Burger (which features onion jam, and with a burger named after your eatery, you just have to be proud of it), and the Flank Steak (which features sunchoke, spring onion, and leak ash).


Celebrating it’s grand opening on March 11, my mouth is simply salivating at the thought of visiting this eatery and sampling their unique offerings. And who can forget to mention the house punch, the bar and bartender at The Warren have had such positive word of mouth, they really offer everything you need for a night out in New York City!


NYRush will be visiting this establishment in the coming days, and will provide a full write-up on the menu, atmosphere and taste, so as always, check back for the verdict. I can’t wait to share my own experience here, this is one that looks to impress. For more pictures and impressions, our future piece will have all you need.

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  • Corrada Spatola

    Sounds delicious I will have to check it out!

  • Diane Won

    You do make it sound worthwhile!