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by Stephanie Valenzuela on July 31, 2016
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By now daily commuters of New York City are used to hearing the grueling news that MTA will be rising its prices yet again. What hasn’t happened in a while, is about to happen again for the fifth time in nine years, in order to avoid ‘high deficits’.

The MTA has been known to commuters as one of the most pricey transportation systems. Pricey with poor service, as trains running up north, to Connecticut and Long Island, are in need of repairs. Subway cars being over packed, and some also in need of repairs, or need to be replaced. Buses as well, as many have also given poor service. For the price thousands, if not millions pay a year to the MTA, better service will be needed.

MTA has recently announced that fares and tolls will go up next year. This was decided in a four-year financial plan and preliminary budget. Although there is not an exact percentage of how much the tolls and fares will go up, it is estimated that it will be around four percent and that bus rides and a single use subway ride would go up to three dollars, from what is not $2.75 for a single ride.

The rising price is also to improve customer experience, and also the quality of the service it is providing to thousands of New Yorkers. It is proposed that more than four billion dollars will be used in order to provide better experience and quality, and also to enhance safety, security, and maintenance operations. This comes right after an article published by NY Rush stating that the L line will be closing due to damage done by Hurricane Sandy.

It’s not all bad news to commuters and travelers, as the MTA will be providing 200 subway cars and buses with wifi, charging ports, and screens, and in the following year, 400 subways will provide all of the services. Also in 2017, MTA plans to renovate over 30 subway stations, give wifi to all 278 stations in the city, and a new form of payment for 2018.

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