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Macy’s 40th Fireworks Display to Dazzle

by Stephanie Valenzuela on July 2, 2016
City Guide

America’s 240th birthday is underway in the big apple, and much is to be celebrated about. The fireworks display that dazzle the East River every year in our city is set to be the “bigger and better” as Macy’s is calling it. Macy’s has been giving spectators an unforgettable show for over 35 years now. This year will be a special show for the company and spectators as it is the 40th-anniversary fireworks show.

The show is set to being at 9:25 P.M. according to the Macy’s homepage and will last about 25 minutes. There is no rain date, meaning if it rains, the time will be delayed. Luckily for New Yorkers, sunny skies and an 88-degree weather forecast for the day won’t damper the show. Viewing spots will be limited as many spectators arrive way before sundown to catch a glimpse of the spectacle. Now, if you’re willing to splurge this fourth and get the best of the best, there are fourth of July cruises, which are selling fast. These cruises offer a spectacular view and is open to crowds that are 21 and over, of course with a costly price of 300 dollars a person.

But if one is not willing to spend that amount of money on fireworks, one can simply watch them at the convenience of their home, or catch a glimpse near the river. They should not be hard to miss as they are being said to be seen from Brooklyn and Queens as well.

According to Macy’s website, entry points will be at Houston, 23rd, 34th, and 42nd street, as well as Broad street at the ground level. Macy’s recommends viewing them from downtown NYC such as the Vietnam Memorial Park, Old Slip upper level, Pearl St and Frankfront St, FDR St and Houston St, and 42nd st on the East Side. If one is planning to catch a glimpse at Seaport and the Brooklyn Bridge, one should plan to arrive extra early, as viewing points will be limited and popular. Seaport will be having an all-day event that will also make it more difficult to catch a spot. NYPD will be patrolling the area at all times. Manhattan’s east side above midtown will not be the best place to view the fireworks, unless one is at a rooftop bar, or high up in a building. Also, Battery Park will not be offering views as it will be closed off.

Tickets are not available for this event, it is open to the public.

At NY Rush we wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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