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Cookie Dough – The New Obsession

by Stephanie Valenzuela on March 10, 2017
City Guide

Almost all of us have been in love with cookie dough, still are, or at some point did love it. I mean, who doesn’t like to take a bite of it when making the gooiest chocolate chip cookies? Very few won’t appreciate it’s delicious taste. The obsession though has become big in New York City with a new shop, “Dō Cookie Dough Confections” being the talk of the town.

There was the Ice Cream Museum that had people running over to jump in the sprinkle pool, then there was the huge milkshakes at Black Tap that had all waiting in line for an hour or more, and now there’s Dō. The new shop, located on 500 Laguardia Place near Washington Square Park, has been a huge hit.

Owner Kristen Tolman opened up the shop in Greenwich village with her husband. Always in love with cookie dough, she wanted to do something more with it, so she opened up this shop, which opens at 10 A.M. but the line starts around roughly 8:30 A.M. All of this for cookie dough? Well think about it, there has never really been a cookie dough shop, and it is isn’t just cookie dough, the shop sells about 13 flavors, and is working on new ones, and also has gluten free and vegan options. Not to mention it is also affordable. One scoop of cookie dough costing one around four dollars.

For those who simply want to take some home to make their own cookies, that’s an option too. The shop is set up like an ice cream shop, though, literally serving it like an ice cream in a paper cup, or in an ice cream cone. For those who prefer it raw such as when they are baking, then this is for you, although you could be on a two-hour line. For those who worry that this is not ‘safe’ to eat, well Tolman has stated that her cookie dough is safe to eat, due to the fact her and her staff use only pasteurized eggs and heat treated flour. A tasty treat and safe to eat, what is better?

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Stephanie Valenzuela
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  • alexa fornes

    Yes!! I love cookie dough, I definitely have to check this place out. I am so excited and happy I came across this article.

  • Corrada Spatola

    I definitely have to check this place out the next time I head to the city. Glad to see their working on some gluten free options so I can enjoy it with my mother who has an intolerance.

  • Alicia Cline

    Love cookie dough and I’ll have to check this out if I’m ever nearby

  • Madi Kantor

    I love the cookie dough trend, and now there is no threat of salmonella