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by Stephanie Valenzuela on July 21, 2016
Dining & Wine

New Yorkers heavily rely on their morning coffee in order to survive the bustling day that awaits them. Starbucks, Dunkin, Coffee Bean, you name it, all coming in with the best of the best coffees for locals and tourists. One of the thousands of coffee shops in Manhattan is re-inventing just the regular cup of coffee. Kobrick Coffee Company, in the Meatpacking district, began it’s business in the 1920’s. It’s style is equivalent to an Italian styled cafe which makes it a bit more different than just a regular coffee shop.

The coffee shop serves the regulars, coffee, espressos, pastries, regular drinks, and cortados. Now, a new kind of coffee is spicing things up in the big apple. Enter the coffee cocktails. Coffee with a hint of alcohol.

Although different concoctions could be made, a new drink is what is making this coffee shop even more unique and is giving New Yorker’s something to talk about. The Mexican Jumping Bean is tequila, ristretto espresso shot, and flavored liquors, all giving an energy boost to this unique and distinctive coffee. Customers are loving the new mixed drink and are coming to the shop specifically to try it.

These baristas like to be seen as bartenders as well, coming from the fact that most baristas in Europe are bartenders. The new and improved caffeinated drinks are a stem of new mixed drinks that are taking people by storm, rather than the average red bull and vodka or rum and coke.

Other coffee shops also taking on the idea of making coffee and alcohol a new trend. A coffee shop in Queens called Sweetleaf cafe is also making a statement with its unique concoctions, such as the ‘Java Flip’ which also includes coffee, alcohol, and cream. The difference between this coffee shop and Kobrick’s is the fact that Sweetleaf starts serving their coffee cocktails at 5 P.M., while Kobrick’s serves all day.

Featured Image via Wikimedia

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